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UMAMI EGG POWDER (Commercial use)

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You can make about 10ℓ (10kg) of plant-based eggs with 500g of UMAMI EGG. Using 50g of eggs per meal, it can provide approximately 200 meals. 

<Raw ingredient information>
Konjac powder (domestic), tapioca starch, nutritional yeast, pumpkin powder, mandarin orange powder, rock salt, cloud ear fungus umami powder, carrot powder / gelling agent (sodium alginate, carrageenan, locust bean gum), calcium sulfate, magnesium chloride

Sodium alginate and carrageenan are polysaccharides obtained from seaweed. Locust bean gum is a polysaccharide obtained from carob beans. Calcium sulfate and magnesium chloride are used as coagulants like bittern in making tofu.

(Awareness of allergen contamination)
The "mandarin orange powder" used as a raw material uses unshu mandarin oranges, which is a different type from "oranges" that are subject to allergens. Mandarin unshiu is not designated as an allergen.

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